PAMIL’s Dr. Alagaran participates in NCCT Round Table Discussion on MIL Issues

PAMIL’s Dr. Alagaran participates in NCCT Round Table Discussion on MIL Issues

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By Nick Andre Cabote

The National Council for Children’s Television (NCCT), as part of the UNESCO’s 2021 Global Media & Information Literacy Week Celebration, held a round-table discussion with local Media & Information Literacy experts to discuss MIL issues in the country.

Dubbed “Media and Information Literacy for the Public Good”, the event featured MIL champions such as Dr. Jose Reuben Q  Alagaran II of the Philippine Association for Media & Information Literacy, Dr. Janet Tibaldo of the Philippine Association of Communication Educators, Therese San Diego Torres of the Asian Institute of Journalism & Communication, Reynier Tasico of the Break the Fake Movement, Kyle Aboy of Yabong Philippines, and Judy Galleta of the NCCT. Moderators of the event were Marlon Julian Nombrado of the Out of the Box (OOTB) Media Literacy Initiative, and Gemma Soneja, MIL advocate and MIL Teacher.

The discussion, which was held in online format via Zoom and the NCCT’s Facebook page, covered current MIL issues and the various efforts of different organizations.   The instilling of “media literacy pathways”, as described by Marlon Nombrado, cofounder of OOTB, included the appropriateness and child-friendliness of children’s media as discussed by the NCCT, the PAMIL’s duty of enhancing MIL thought amongst professionals and the curriculum, the AIJC’s efforts in MIL training and integrating MIL to the classrooms of Southeast Asia, the PACE’s research and webinars on media phenomena, the Break the Fake Movement’s events in the country and abroad, and the Yabong Philippines’ campaign to involve youth in the decision-making processes with the use of MIL.

Concepts discussed included the Philippine teachers’ misconceptions and lack of knowledge towards MIL and development of further MIL modules, the remoteness which hampers MIL access and development, technological progress which lends itself to disinformation and better fact-checking, the need to provide know-how to the general populace in MIL in the context of the upcoming elections, the fostering of knowledge-building,  grassroots advocacies in promoting MIL outside the classroom, improving information consumption and critical thought, how truth’s stigma can be dealt with through MIL, the need to promulgate policies and laws conducive to MIL integration in academia and MIL as a discipline, and the need for continued support to fund MIL projects and initiatives.

The Round Table Discussion is part of the NCCT’s week-long string of events under the Global Media & Information Literacy Week Celebration, that included events in collaboration with Google Philippines PAMIL, TikTok Philippines, the National Privacy Commission, the Philippine Association of Communication Educators, and Yabong Philippines, among others.

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